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Book your event space today in this historic building!

The Rainbow Wellness Collective has historic event spaces in beautiful downtown St. Cloud. The building started as Nicholas Lahr’s blacksmith shop in the late 1800s. The event space was once Stevenson’s Department Store and later became the iconic Ragstock in the 1990s. Over the many decades, the building has maintained its historic beauty in ornate woodwork, pillars, ceilings, and St. Cloud’s distinctive and distinguished yellow brick.

Our entire space is ADA-compliant, complete with an elevator for second-floor access. We also have LED rather than fluorescent overhead lights for our light-sensitive community members. Banquet tables and chairs are available.



Looking for a perfect venue to host your special event? Look only as far as our main event space! It's a versatile and spacious area ideal for all events, from weddings to birthday parties and fundraisers. 

The space boasts a custom-built stage with a ramp, so it's ideal for live music, karaoke, and other performances. The high ceilings and pillars throughout the space add to the grandeur and elegance of the venue. 

For those planning a wedding, the space offers an ideal location for a wedding party table and plenty of floor space for dancing and mingling. You can also set up tables for dining, making the space perfect for a reception or dinner party. 

Whatever your event needs, our main event space will surely impress!

Classrooms/Flex Space

Welcome to our beautiful and spacious classrooms that are designed to offer a comfortable and conducive environment for learning and group activities. Our classrooms are well-lit with ample natural light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that helps students feel engaged and motivated. 

We have already started hosting exercise classes in these rooms, which are a great way to stay healthy and active. You can find more information about our classes on our Classes page. 

Our classrooms are perfect for small group activities of all kinds, including crafting clubs, book clubs, discussion groups, and more! With ample space, comfortable seating, and modern facilities, our classrooms provide the ideal setting for interactive and collaborative learning. 

We take pride in our classrooms and do everything we can to make them a safe and enjoyable place for all our students. So why not come and see for yourself what we have to offer? We'd be delighted to welcome you!


* RWC allows outside food by a licensed caterer/food vendor.  Rainbow Wellness Collective does not supply these services. Event organizers are responsible for catering or beverages they wish to have at their events. RWC is not responsible for any illegal sale or consumption of alcohol on the premises and reserves the right to remove any offending parties without refunds. Extra costs associated with cleaning or damage to the property will be charged to the renter. 

Event Space Rental Application

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