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Heart Forward Yoga Mutual Agreement

Yoga is a relationship. I, as teacher, am responsible for guiding you through classes carefully, respectfully, and intelligently. You, as student, are responsible for listening to yourself, your body, and your needs first. I am not a therapist or doctor and cannot provide clinical advice regarding mental or physical health. Yoga is meant to challenge, and it can certainly stretch, but it should not strain or cause pain. If you have concerns about practicing yoga, please consult your physician. Let me know if you have health concerns that could affect your practice, have physical limitations or injuries, are pregnant, or otherwise need assistance with your practice. 


Additionally, you, as student, release Heart Forward Yoga and Lauren L. Murphy from any responsibility and/or liability concerning the consequences of yoga classes in which you have chosen to participate. You consent to participate in classes. Understanding the risks of yoga, you release Heart Forward Yoga and Lauren L. Murphy from any and all liability, damage, and/or expenses arising out of or in connection with this practice.


You are participating voluntarily and already have consulted with or will consult with your doctor if you have concerns about your health and your ability to practice.

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